• Boycotting Women
    My suggestions to this woman are, make a difference with the next generation of women by living as a example, permitting younger women to see her confidence exuding from her person. Secondly, she should make a point to explain to those young females how important it is to respect their bodies but not be summed up by them

  • A Christmas Boycott
    While Henry and others were being arrested, another group - all white -launched a boycott of their own. The Mississippi State Legislature passed a resolution "with scarcely no dissent" that no loyal Mississippian should shop in Memphis, Tennessee, just across the state line, and quite close to Clarksdale.

  • Wellness
    Wellness and Health information.

  • Ethical are Sanctions
    The estimate that one third of the 115 cases they examined were effective, is widely disputed. An observation that in all cases stated as a success, it was also because of other factors, such as military intervention, and that instead only less than 5% of the 115 cases cited brought about political compliance.

  • Democracy in Ethiopia
    Citing the lack of democracy as their main concern, more and more Ethiopians who worked with the Prime Minister Meles' Government are fleeing. In the last few months alone, over sixty diplomats left the Government and defected in Europe and the United States.

  • Give Peace A Chance
    They pioneered the concept album with "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," which the editors of Rolling Stone magazine list as the greatest rock album of the rock era.

  • US Relations with Venezuela
    Being the only South American country belonging to OPEC, Chavez is suspected of conspiring to keep oil prices peaking for his own obvious political and economical gain. Chaves is quoted as saying, "The barrel could reach $200 from one day to the other

  • Jewish businesses were boycotted
    In that same month, Jewish businesses were boycotted with the aim of making the move permanent. However, economic weakness and foreign pressure caused it to last for a single day.

  • The Holocaust
    One of the events to describe and demonstrate how Jews were discriminated against in Germany is the April Boycott; for one day Germans all over the country were told not to buy from shops and business' owned by Jews.

  • Egyptian-Israeli Peace Process
    In the days leading up to President Sadat's visit to Jerusalem, President Sadat appointed Hassan el-Tohamy, his closest ally, to represent him in laying the groundwork for the visit, while Prime Minister Begin appointed his foreign minister Moshe Dayan.

  • Boycott The Stores
    The parrots might be the most controversialist hybrid which has been realized till now. Many fish breeders consider that these fish should be present in pet shops. Though, other breeders are on the opposite side and some of them even boycott the stores which sell them.

  • Politics and History
    Support for the reform programme translated into electoral success in 2005, and a boycott of the elections by opposition groups led to a national assembly filled with Chavez supporters.

  • Boycott Failed
    Even so, the boycott failed to bring Mossadegh's government down to its knees. In fact, if for nothing else, it served to increase Mossadegh's popularity among the Iranians as well as throughout the Middle East, in that he quickly became a symbol of defiance of British power and Western capitalism.

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